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Bobs Discount Furniture Pit


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bobs discount furniture pit – Wagon Wheel

Wagon Wheel Bench
Wagon Wheel Bench
People who choose natural materials over plastic and steel for their outdoor decor, often have a theme in mind. For those who like the western look, we?ve lassoed a real prize ? a wagon wheel bench! Imagine the end of a long day on the work trail, and setting your weary bones down on this handsome seat to enjoy the sunset from the patio, instead of riding off into it. Of course, it would look equally as good under a tree or over by the fish pond, where you can relax and dangle a line with no hook, just to pretend you?re not wasting time. Beautiful, rustic western design! Wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charges. 42 1/4 x 21 x 31 inches high.

80% (>7)

112509 news Black Friday Preps

112509 news Black Friday Preps
11/25/09 – Salesman, Ted Dalton of Daves Discount Furniture attaches a tag to a sofa on the floor of their 35,000 square feet showroom on North Church Street Burlington, N.C. Wednesday November 25, 2009 in preparation for Black Friday. Dalton said that everything in the store has been tagged 1/2 price for the event. (Brad Coville/Times-News)

Discount Furniture Outlet, 99 Sackville Road, Hove

Discount Furniture Outlet, 99 Sackville Road, Hove
The Discount Furniture Outlet, 99 Sackville Road, Hove and their van in the foreground.

bobs discount furniture pit

Caster Cup 3"x3"brown Rubber Set of 2
Used to protect hard floors from scratches and dents. Set of 2